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Welcome to AnoniDate, the dating site for Internet communities. This site is designed to help people meet others, when most of their social life comes from online environments. It is divided into each respective web community, and you can be a member of more than one – just pick the one most important to you to start:

Wow this website sucks!
Yup! I wrote this one Friday evening several years ago, based on an idea in a 4chan thread. I haven’t maintained it at all since. It’s buggy, it’s ugly, and maybe someday I’ll clean it up. In the meantime – it’s free and some folks might find it useful.

/b/tards   71427 total
A dating site for all the -chan /b/. boards. As close as you can get to forced-anon dating, or just check out where all the /b/tards are.
gamers   56014 total
For everyone who enjoys video games – console, pc, etc. Whether you’re looking for the casual player or the serious gamer, find them here.
otaku   24095 total
Fans of anime, manga, cosplay, or anything Japanese – no matter what you’re into, find other otaku here.
wow   15660 total
World of Warcraft players – meet others that live nearby! If someone has a better caption for this box, I’d like to hear it!
reddit   11505 total
Meet up with other redditors for bacon/narwhal related adventures
goons   10065 total forum members
420   8006 total
For ents, and other fans of.. something to do with the number 420.. widdly scuds?
furries   6680 total
A place for furries, scalies, otherkin, etc. Whether it’s a lifestyle, or you’re just in it for the pics – meet others that see it the same way.
digg   3997 total
Meet up with other digg users in your area.

If you don’t see your community here, then feel free to request it! It is a very quick process to add a new community. Just drop an email to, and there’s a good chance it’ll get completely ignored because I forgot how to add these things years ago.

Top Tips for Dating Site Users

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I also did a small test, which has no statistical value, but it gave me an idea of ​​how the male and female genders are different. One evening, over a beer, a friend and I played on our phones respectively, looking for boys and girls, and the difference we noticed was that in about half an hour she received a lot of likes, about fifteen, while I only one of every sixty-seventy likes I had given.

Is this free?
Yes, this site is completely free.

Why is this site here?
Most people will meet their match haphazardly through activities in which they share a similar interest. Be that school, work, sports, or hobbies. Although as the Internet becomes a larger part of our lives, a greater number of people choose to socialize online.
By focusing on specific Internet communities for dating, it means that you will instantly have something in common that you are passionate about. Normally, within those communities, it is often difficult to find people who are geographically nearby. This site aims to bridge that gap.